About Us

I have been working in financial services since 1985 and has been an Independent Financial Adviser since 1994 when I started Thompson Cavendish. I predominantly specialize in looking after client’s investment and pension portfolios, whilst providing invaluable tax advice.

I am extremely proud of the fact that the majority of my business is derived by referral from his existing clients.

I have created four different Model Portfolios from a range of 3500 funds designed to suit different attitudes to risks. Each of these portfolios cover different assets classes and geographical sectors worldwide. Each portfolio is tailor made to suit attitudes to risk from to the cautious, to more adventurous clients.

I have many clients who are interested in building up their pension portfolios and I can integrate these Model Portfolios into their Pension or ISA or general Investment accounts where appropriate.

Many of my clients are keen to have their money looked after in the most tax efficient manor when they start drawing on their pensions. I assist my clients on how best to use their funds once they have reached their retirement.  

My office is located very close to Kew Bridge station and Strand on the Green.


Want to know more?

Call us for a friendly chat on 07973 933028 or email: nigel.thompson@thompsoncavendishltd.com